Well-Coordinated Education Teams

Cross-system collaboration is critical for every student. We hold ourselves to a high standard to ensure adults in young person’s life are working in concert. Our vision is that students have well-coordinated education teams that are:

  • Informed and knowledgeable about key areas influencing the student and their education, including the student’s educational rights, trauma-informed practices, and school policies and procedures;
  • Coordinated, with a shared understanding that education is an integral part of the student’s well-being;
  • Active and involved in each student’s life, regularly and systematically checking in and connecting with each student;
  • Positioned to respond quickly to early warning signs such as discipline issues, incomplete coursework, or withdrawal from school;
  • Asset-based, holding high expectations for the youth, consistently recognizing progress, and building upon strengths;
  • Well-rounded, including representation from the school site, child welfare agency, mentors, caregivers, CASAs, probation agency, and any other key adult in the student’s life;
  • Reliable, and demonstrating follow through with team members who do what they say they will.