In Arizona, FosterEd worked closely with Governor Doug Ducey to pass HB 2665 in 2016. Amassing a bipartisan group of 20 sponsors, HB 2665 establishes the Foster Youth Education Success Fund and authorizes a $1,000,000 appropriation in FY 2018 from the General Fund as well as a dollar for dollar match of state funds with philanthropic funds up to $500,000. The legislation funds a statewide expansion of FosterEd Arizona’s Pima County demonstration program. This demonstration program has improved education outcomes for school-age foster children in the county.

According to the Governor, the legislation acknowledges the integral work of Arizona philanthropic foundations and their impacts in schools, particularly for low-income children, and this measure “reinforces his intention to partner with foundations to provide an even greater opportunity and impact.” HB 2665 creates a model public/philanthropy partnership by combining state dollars with matching charitable investment to scale the FosterEd demonstration program statewide.