Building Champions for Students in Foster Care – Foster Ed Progress Update

In January 2016, Governor Doug Ducey, together with leadership in the House and Senate, introduced House Bill (HB) 2665, which laid out a vision and roadmap to address the needs of students in foster care. The legislation, enacted in May of that year, established a groundbreaking public-private partnership to expand a proven model for the education of children in foster care into a statewide program.

This report summarizes two important phases of work. The first phase includes progress made during the transition year which extended from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017, before the funding for the program was available to support expansion. The second is the first four months of the expansion rollout from July to October 2017.

Author(s): FosterEd
Topic(s): Arizona, Data and Evaluation, Foster Youth, 
Recommended Audience(s): Agency Leaders and Professionals, Caregivers and Education Champions 

Click to download: Building Champions for Students in Foster Care – FosterEd Progress Update

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