In March 2016, FosterEd launched a demonstration project in Lea County, New Mexico. Lea County is home to approximately 50 students in foster care and 50 students under court-ordered probation at any given time. It is a rural county, with approximately 22% of children living in poverty.

FosterEd New Mexico team at community forum

The demonstration project, which is guided by an interagency state leadership team and local planning team, seeks to ensure that every youth in foster care or under probation supervision has an educational champion, education team, and education success plan. FosterEd works with these youth to help them attain their full potential and achieve educational success.

This project effort mirrors FosterEd’s successful efforts in Indiana, California, and Arizona, but with an important difference: It is the first site through which we have directly served probation-supervised youth, in addition to youth in foster care. We are excited to serve probation-supervised youth, who often experience similar barriers to educational success as students in foster care.

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