Champions for System-Involved Scholars in Arizona

In Arizona, FosterEd is working in partnership with a deeply invested team of state and local partners, students, and parents to create a future in which the vast majority of foster youth graduate high school with the widest array of possibilities for their future. The campaign began with the development and launch of a demonstration site in Pima County. The success of that effort, combined with the sense of urgency that followed the publication of Arizona’s Invisible Achievement Gapa report documenting the achievement crisis facing Arizona’s students in foster care, spurred the passage of legislation that will lead to statewide implementation of the FosterEd approach through a public-private partnership. View the report, Building Champions for Students in Foster Care: FosterEd Progress Update, for more information on the implementation of the statewide program.

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Pima County

The goal of the Pima County demonstration site is to ensure that every young person we serve has an education champion, education team and education plan that is based on each young person’s strengths and needs.

An evaluation of the first two years of the Pima County, Arizona pilot examined, among other indicators, the number of students served, adult participation in education teams, and the role type of individuals serving as educational champions.