In Arizona, FosterEd worked closely with Governor Doug Ducey to pass HB 2665 in 2016. Amassing a bipartisan group of 20 sponsors, HB 2665 establishes the Foster Youth Education Success Fund and authorizes a $1,000,000 appropriation in FY 2018 from the General Fund as well as a dollar for dollar match of state funds with philanthropic funds up to $500,000. The legislation funds a statewide expansion of FosterEd Arizona's Pima County demonstration program. This demonstration program has improved education outcomes for school-age foster children in the county.

Many public agencies and non-profits that share a commitment to improving the lives of foster youth have joined forces to leverage our efforts and amplify results. We are inspired by the capacity of these agencies to find common ground, in a spirit of creativity, and embrace our shared responsibility to get this right for this incredible group of young people.

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