Data underlies and drives our work. In California, we ensure our demonstration site progress is continually evaluated by an external evaluator, RTI International. The evaluations combine qualitative and quantitative analysis and use a mixed methods approach, examining survey data, interview responses, case management data, and education data. We course-correct our work as needed to respond to student outcomes data.

In 2013, FosterEd released The Invisible Achievement Gap – Education Outcomes of Students in Foster Care in California’s Public Schools. The report is the first of its kind to provide such a wealth of data from the education and child welfare systems. The report also provides clear evidence that youth in foster care are at a particular disadvantage, even compared to other at-risk groups.

FosterEd California also believes in the power of technology. FosterEd’s education planning technology tool, EdTeamConnect, connects multiple stakeholders, stores unique student education plans, and is a hub for student-centered advocacy.

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