“Ability to achieve success is in all of us, but the opportunities are not.”

Every young person needs to feel seen and valued to succeed. From this stance, we engage with the student and their champions to co-create an action plan that is centered around the student’s individual strengths and desires for support. We pay particular attention to key transition points – when they come into care, when they transition from a new school, when they are transitioning to college or trade school, when they need to change home placements to make sure the young person comes to expect that the adults around them are in their corner and a resource they can count on to help them realize their dreams for their future.

We are committed to partnering with each youth in a way that is

  • Complementary with youth development principles.
  • Promotes a high degree of student ownership over their educational goals and future.
  • Trauma-informed and culturally sensitive.
  • Places special emphasis during critical transitions, including before the start of the school year and during home or school transitions.
  • Provides consistent, reliable, meaningful and frequent engagement with each student.

Moreover, FosterEd’s education liaisons promote this student-centered engagement in a variety of ways:

  • Working one-on-one with students to set and follow through on educational goals.
  • Building students’ capacity to facilitate and direct meetings of their education teams.
  • Partnering with students to identify and leverage their natural supports – family members, community leaders, mentors, coaches, etc.
  • Engaging in joint problem-solving with students to proactively address educational challenges.

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