All young people need champions in their corner to support their educational futures. Decades of research make it clear: supportive adults, such as caregivers, teachers, and mentors, are essential to the educational success of all young people. Parent or caregiver involvement in education in particular can increase the odds that a young person will stay in and graduate from school.[1]

We work to ensure that students have effective education champions – preferably, their caregivers – who are:

  • Informed and knowledgeable about their role as supporting the student’s education journey;
  • Empowered to advocate tirelessly on behalf of the student;
  • Committed to developing a meaningful, long-term relationship with the student; and
  • Active and involved in the student’s educational journey.

[1] Dick M. Carpenter II & Al Ramirez, More than one gap: Dropout rate gaps between and among Black, Hispanic and White students. 19 Journal of Advanced Academics 32-64 (2007).

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