In each state in which we operate, we work with an external evaluator to assess and help us continuously improve our work. The evaluations combine qualitative and quantitative analysis and use a mixed methods approach, examining survey data, interview responses, case management data, and education data. The evaluation process helps us to identify success metrics, understand the perspectives and experiences of our partners, track the arc and evolution of each project over time, and better understand the impact of our work.

FosterEd Indiana Evaluation (2013)
FosterEd Santa Cruz Year One Evaluation (2014)
FosterEd Santa Cruz Year Two Evaluation (2015)
FosterEd Santa Cruz Year Three Evaluation (2016)
FosterEd Arizona Year One Evaluation (2015)
FosterEd Arizona Year Two Evaluation (2016)
FosterEd Arizona Preliminary Evaluation Report (2019)
FosterEd Arizona: Year Two Evaluation of Statewide Expansion (2020)
In Their Voices: Young People and Adults Supported by FosterEd Arizona (2021)

Evaluations have also included conducting surveys of adult education team members about their experiences with the program.

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