FosterEd’s goal is to improve the educational outcomes of children in New Mexico’s care. Guided by an inter-agency state leadership team, and supported by an inter-agency local planning team, we have established a demonstration project in Lea County that ensures every foster child and youth under probation jurisdiction has an education success plan, education champion, and education team.

We work across three spheres concurrently: working directly with students to implement promising practices, forging and bolstering partnerships at a local system level to establish infrastructure for cross-sector engagement, and working at a state and regional policy level to address large scale systemic barriers.

Lea County

Lea County, New Mexico is home to approximately 50 young people in foster care and 50 young people on court-ordered probation at any given time. FosterEd works with these students to help them attain their full potential and achieve education success.

View the report, Building for System-Involved Students: FosterEd Progress Update, for more information on the the impact of FosterEd: New Mexico’s Lea County project and statewide efforts.

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