EdTeamConnect (ETC) is a web-based educational case management platform developed by FosterEd. FosterEd Education Liaisons use the tool to manage their work supporting students and to facilitate the multidisciplinary teaming process. Core features of EdTeamConnect include the following:

Easy to Access Child Welfare and Education Data. Real time data at the fingertips of those that need it the most, including the following: education records, course history, school enrollment history, grades, test scores, and name of the student’s education decision maker.

Student-Centered Education Planning. These plans include goals and activities specific to academics, social/emotional development, school and community engagement, peer relationships, and meaningful connections with education champions.

Connections with Students. This aspect of the tool is designed to provide the youth, their champions, and their team an opportunity to track the degree to which there are meaningful, consistent, and frequent check-ins with each student. This may take the form of text messages, school site visits, team decision making meetings, and other ways of connecting with each student, their champions, and team.

Update And Progress Board. The tool itself provides an opportunity to share real-time updates with all of the members of each student’s team.

FosterEd is planning future development of this tool to ensure that it is a resource that is relevant and highly useful to users. Some of the considerations for future functionality include:

Stakeholder-Centric Dashboards. The ability to customize daily dashboards so that professionals working directly with young people have the ability to promptly learn of student successes and progress, create early warning systems, and track outstanding goals and assignments will go a long way to help the data in this tool come alive.

Real-Time Program Reporting. Supervisors, Program Directors, school site personnel, and others will benefit greatly from a reporting function that assists in the tracking of progress and education outcomes for students.

College and Career Student Planning Tools. There are a number of phases for young people on their pathway to vocational school and college. System-involved scholars have not historically had the benefit of champions helping them prepare for, apply to, and succeed in college. Beginning in the 7th grade, these milestones are critical stepping-stones and new tools that assist the scholar and their champion in planning for college.

Stakeholder Resource Bank. We have a wealth of resources for parents, teachers, counselors, social workers, judicial personnel, and other key adults in a scholar’s life. Providing user-friendly access to these resources is critical to ensuring that these adults can effectively support scholars.

Mobile Application And Text Messaging. For scholars and their education champions, mobile and text messaging functions linked to the tool will help us to track the degree of activity for each young person.

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