Our ability to have an impact requires we have a clear and in-depth, real time understanding of both the progress we are making and challenges we collectively face at a state, program and individual youth level. Our data strategy is three-pronged:

Developing and supporting systems for notifying districts which of their students are in foster care;

Collecting and tracking youth-level data to support effective direct services work;

Conducting program, which helps us to understand the degree to which our efforts are having an impact on youth.

An evaluation of the first two years of the Pima County, Arizona pilot examined, among other indicators, the number of students served, adult participation in education teams, and the role type of individuals serving as educational champions.

Our data efforts in Arizona have been multi-faceted. We have:

- Worked with state agencies to develop a process to helpschool districts identify which of their students are in foster care.
-Partnered with West Ed to publish Arizona's Invisible Achievement Gap, a first of its kind report in Arizona.
- Published two evaluations of the Pima County pilot demonstrating successful implementation, and impact at a youth and systems level.
- Developed a technology tool to serve youth in Pima County.

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