Foster Youth Education Toolkit

This Toolkit is designed to assist school districts in meeting the promise of LCFF for our foster youth. First, the Toolkit lays a foundation for school districts by providing comprehensive information on the education rights of foster youth along with step-by-step procedures to ensure foster youth receive the full benefit of laws designed to protect them. Second, the Toolkit provides easy-to-use implementation tools to help school districts move beyond this foundation of legal compliance to engagement in transformative best practices that will enable foster youth to achieve their college and career dreams.

Author(s): Alliance for Children’s Rights, Association of California School Administrators, California Department of Education, California School Board Association, California County Superintendents, Educational Services Association, County Welfare Directors Association, Child Welfare Council
Publication Date: 2016
Topic(s): Best Interest Determinations, Foster Youth, Transportation
Resource Type: Toolkit
Recommended Audience(s): Agency Leaders and Professionals, Caregivers and Education Champions
Click to Download: Foster Youth Education Toolkit

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