Sample County LCAP for Foster Youth

For county offices of education, pursuant to Education Code section 52066, the LCAP must describe, for each county office of education-operated school and program, goals and specific actions to achieve those goals for all pupils and each subgroup of pupils identified in Education Code section 52052, including pupils with disabilities, who are funded through the county office of education Local Control Funding Formula as identified in Education Code section 2574 (pupils attending juvenile court schools, on probation or parole, or mandatorily expelled) for each of the state priorities and any locally identified priorities. School districts and county offices of education may additionally coordinate and describe in their LCAPs services provided to pupils funded by a school district but attending county-operated schools and programs, including special education programs.

Author(s): California Foster Youth Education Task Force, Coalition for Educational Equity for Foster Youth
Publication Date: 2014
Topic(s): California, Foster Youth, Local Control and Accountability Plan, Local Control Funding Formula
Resource Type: Template
Recommended Audience(s): Agency Leaders and Professionals
Click to Download: Sample County LCAP for Foster Youth

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