Youth Engagement Blueprint Series Introduction and Infographic

Youth engagement in the foster care system empowers young people to have a significant voice in decisions that affect their lives, as well as develop key skills and relationships. Improving organizational capacity to support youth engagement practices means putting in place resources and infrastructure that lead to meaningful youth engagement and creating a culture and climate that promote youth engagement at all levels of an organization. Using information gathered from experts in the field and current research, the Capacity Building Center for States works to develop child welfare agencies’ and other organizations’ ability to partner successfully with youth and young adults currently and formerly in foster care to improve their lives and communities. 

Author(s): Children’s Bureau, Capacity Building Center for States
Publication Date: 2017
Topic(s): Foster Youth, Positive Youth Development
Resource Type: Factsheet / Guide
Recommended Audience(s): Agency Leaders and Professionals
Click to Download: Youth Engagement Blueprint Series Introduction
Click to Download: Youth Engagement Blueprint Infographic

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