California has a responsibility to get foster kids to school

“We know that keeping kids in their schools of origin is really helpful for their chance to succeed,”said Lewis Cohen, communications director for the National Center for Youth Law. “The key is coming up with plans that really work for the kids.” Click here to read The San Francisco Chronicle article.

First look at test scores for foster youth reveals underachievement

Stuck in what has been called an invisible achievement gap, California’s foster youth finally have a place in school, district and state report cards. For the first time, the state has issued standardized test scores for foster youth, shining a light on the academic needs of some of the most disadvantaged students in public schools. […]

Group steps up to help Arizona foster children get the education they deserve

An organization called FosterEd wants to make sure all kids in foster kid get some of the help Rodriguez received, even if they never get adopted. The group is working to connect foster kids with mentors in the community to advocate for each child’s educational goals. Those advocates will stay working with that child even if […]

Fostering Academic Success for All

“We have a unique moral and legal obligation to ensure students in foster care receive the educational opportunities they need to thrive in school, and in life,” said Jesse Hahnel, National Center for Youth Law (NCYL) Executive Director. “We are committed to helping state education agencies effectively implement the foster youth provisions of ESSA.”

Education Crucial Partner for Dual Status Youth to Improve

The Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps defines dual status youth as children “who come into contact with both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems and occupy various statuses in terms of their relationship to the two systems.” Dual status youth make up a large population: One study from Washington indicated that as many […]

FosterEd Develops Web Program to Help Foster Youth Meet Academic Goals

Yet, Traiman said, “When we ask professionals working with youth how’s it going [in class], very often there’s no set of processes to actually hold ourselves accountable.” Given this, FosterEd has designed a new Web-based educational case management system that will help adults in a foster youth’s life track the student’s academic progress. The new […]

FosterEd continues to make strides in helping children overcome educational challenges

Children and youth in foster care face a unique set of educational challenges, including frequent school transfers, a lack of communication between public schools and child welfare agencies, and a lack of stable academic support and guidance. To address these issues, the National Center for Youth Law (NCYL), a non-profit working to improve the lives […]

Arizona legislators rally to help foster youth find school success

Arizona Rep. John Allen has sponsored House Bill 2665, which would fund and authorize FosterEd Arizona to expand statewide its services for children in foster care. The bill, which has more than 20 bipartisan sponsors, requires charter schools to give enrollment preference to children who are in foster care, and establishes a statewide Foster Youth […]

Foster children get K-12 champions through Pima County Pilot Program

A Pima County pilot project that improves foster children’s  educational outcomes seeks to expand statewide after a recent study found that Arizona’s foster children face many educational challenges. But House Bill 2665, which would do so, remains in committee as the Arizona Legislature works on a budget. Foster children get K-12 champions through Pima County […]

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