Education data grim for Arizona children in foster care

A recent WestEd report showed that Arizona youth in foster care had educational outcomes far worse than low income children and other at-risk subgroups. “Prior to this year, we never had data that looked at the actual outcomes for foster children around the state,” but this WestEd report “shows how philanthropy, the nonprofit community, our […]

Federal Education Law Delivers Vital Protections for Foster Youth

Children involved in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems face countless barriers to educational success. Our historic failure to address these challenges has resulted in a dramatic achievement gap between these youth and their peers. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), signed into law in December, provides an opportunity — and a responsibility — for […]

Our View: We are all negligent parents to foster kids

Parents are supposed to get the kids to school, follow up on homework and alert the teachers to particular student needs. This is critical to success. It’s basic. Expected. After all, what kind of parent bounces a child from school to school and does nothing when that child consistently scores far below other kids? Look in the […]

Study of Arizona foster children’s education achievement not encouraging

“This is a report that looks at a lot of data,” said Michelle Traiman, director of FosterEd, a national non-profit serving foster youth. The group raised funding for the report. “There are humans, there are young people behind this data, and their voices, their stories are not just what makes it come alive, but helps […]

Bill Would Expand School Support for California Foster Youth

Many foster youth like Wagoner face similar educational hurdles. A 2013 study conducted by WestEd called The Invisible Achievement Gap found that foster youth change schools frequently. They also have low test scores and high dropout rates. These problems concern California Assemblymember Shirley Weber (D-San Diego), a former school board member and college professor. Weber […]

Report: Districts ‘not yet making the grade’ regarding foster youth

School district accountability plans offered “slim evidence of districts’ attention to foster youth” as required under California’s new school funding law, according to a report released Monday by SRI International and J Koppich & Associates. The first round of local control and accountability plans – which describe the goals and actions districts plan to implement […]

New legislation aims to help foster kids

Some of California’s most vulnerable children are missing out on funds to help with their education, children in foster care.  Around a third of foster kids don’t receive assistance from California’s Foster Youth Services program because they live with relatives.  But a new bill hopes to level the education playing field for all foster youth across […]

Group wants statewide foster child education plan

Proponents of a program that links foster children with education advocates to improve their success in school want the Arizona Legislature to expand a pilot program now used just in Pima County. The director of FosterEd Arizona made the pitch Wednesday to a group of lawmakers at the state Capitol. Former state Rep. Pete Hershberger […]

FosterEd Launched in Pima County

Several Pima County education, child welfare, behavioral health and judicial agencies joined with the National Center for Youth Law yesterday to launch an educational pilot project called FosterEd, which is part of the national FosterEd Initiative to improve the educational outcomes of thousands of school-age foster children living in Pima County. Backers hope it will […]

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